Control Systems Engineering Services



At C2i we provide control systems engineering for a wide array of applications and solutions.

From Municipal water and wastewater plants, to airport fueling systems, to custom solutions for a variety of applications, Control Instruments Inc. works with you to offer the the premier integration solution.

We maintain a close relationship with the client throughout the design stage, which ensures that the system will meet the customer's needs in the most cost-efficient manner. Our complete in-house engineering and design capability allows us to tailor systems to specific applications. C2i has implemented over 1,000 control systems utilizing a variety of hardware and software, and has participated in millions of dollars worth of design-build solutions. Project engineers objectively evaluate a project, develop the strategy, and select the appropriate equipment to get the job done right.

Our personnel is comprised of experts in multiple programmable logic controllers, Human Machine Interface (HMI) software packages, VFD systems, and a vast range of instrumentation. Regardless of the unique intricacies of your project, C2i is armed to tackle it with you.

Design Build

We can provide turnkey solutions (as a licensed electrical contractor in multiple states), or act as an instrumentation subcontractor in conjunction with other team members. We provide continuous value-added recommendations to ensure that you obtain the best value for the investment.

Water & Wastewater

We have an extensive background designing system solutions for municipal water and wastewater operations. We can work with you in modernizing an existing facility, or design a completely new operation employing the latest industry technology.

Industrial Applications

Control Instruments, Inc. is your single source contact for complete system solutions in a wide variety of industrial applications, including: hydrant fueling, de-icing systems, and even food & beverage conveyor systems.

Did You Know?
We've provided fueling control systems at airports including: Boston Logan, Chicago O'Hare, Denver International, Salt Lake City and Dallas-Fort Worth.
Built in compliance with UL standards

Panel Fabrication

In our continual effort to put our customers first, we've made providing the highest quality manufacturing standards a top priority.

Our 10,000 square-foot engineering office and adjacent 16,000 square-foot manufacturing facility allows us to carefully manage each aspect of system design and fabrication. We integrate our resources in design, manufacturing, testing, evaluation, and start-up to ensure that the completed system will perform to design specifications.

We are a CSIA certified integrator, and are a certified and regularly inspected UL 508A MTR and UL 698 panel shop.

Though special equipment is engineered into systems which must bear the UL 508,UL 508A MTR or UL 698 label, every panel delivered by C2i is built to UL 508, UL 508A MTR and NEMA standards. The UL 698 is an intrinsically safe panel rating which UL has qualified C2i to manufacture. We maintain an ongoing and constantly improving quality control regimen.

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Instrument Supply & Calibration

We take pride in our efforts to ensure the quality of the products we use and the systems we supply.

We have you covered from replacing and calibrating a single instrument, to providing and calibrating all instrumentation for a large new treatment plant . Equipment is selected on the basis of its suitability to the application, taking into account the environment, severity of duty, and requirements for interfacing with other equipment. Ease of maintenance, availability of parts and service, and past experience with the types of equipment involved are major considerations.

All equipment is inspected on receipt. Whenever possible, systems are tested as a whole in our shop; under conditions simulated to those encountered in the field. Any problems with the equipment or the system are corrected in the shop before shipment.

Did You Know?
Each panel delivered by C2i is built to UL 508, UL 508A MTR & NEMA standards whether specified or not.

Maintenance & Startup Services

Our commitment to our customers does not stop at commissioning.

C2i's field service group is certified and trained to perform:

  • On-site radio propagation surveys
  • Calibration and startup of a broad range of instruments
  • Fiber optic installation, termination and testing NPDES permit calibrations
  • Panel replacement/modifications

We offer customized support plans and service contracts that provide 24-hour/7-day support for all instrumentation, SCADA and IT systems.

We appreciate the importance of quickly and efficiently providing service to our customers to minimize system/component downtime. C2i operates six separate service locations to provide the best support possible - we are there when you need us! We are committed to building and growing our relationship with you long after project completion.

  • Software maintenance/upgrades
  • Database updates
  • Add-on software packages
  • System documentation
  • SCADA and PLC backup services
  • I/O module replacement
  • Power Supply replacement
  • On-site PLC training
  • On-site instrumentation training
  • Scheduled calibrations
  • Start-up
  • Fiber optic cable repair
The Gold Standard
Want the best? C2i is certified to be quality you can trust.

We have strived to be the Gold Standard in our industry, by consistently providing quality service, products, and experiences. To offer the best we obtained training, experience and the gold standard certifications in each field. When you work with C2i, you know what you are getting - the best.